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About Us

The Learner's Collective is a homeschool hybrid program that meets for formal, academic classes Monday - Wednesday and continues with at-home learning on Thursday and Friday. 

Daily Schedule

A brief overview of the

rhythm of our days

8:30-9:00 … Drop off

9:00 … Socratic Launch

9:30-11:30 … Core skills, e-Learning, Learner’s library

11:30-12:30 … Lunch & Community Builders

12:30-2:30 … Quests, Storytelling, Passion Projects

2:30 … Studio maintenance and shout outs

3:00 … Pick up

Learning Experiences

that set The Learner's Collective apart:

Socratic launches

Our days begin with Socratic discussions designed to engage learners in critical thinking, practice communication skills across lines of difference, and illuminate biases inherent in our thinking patterns.


As self-directed learners, each individual is responsible for creating and meeting their academic goals. These goals are set in weekly meetings with our Guides and achieved with support from both Guides and Teammates.


We employ the use of educational technology in order to create personalized pathways to learning. This allows learners to work at their own level and their own pace and centers mastery over memorization.


Quests are project-based, hands-on challenges with a focus on social studies, the arts, and science. Learners answer tough questions with real-world implications and present their findings in exhibitions at the end of every sprint. 


Learners spend time pursuing their passions with experts and coaches to gain real insight into the world of each profession.

Community Builders

In our democratic environment, learners abide by student-created covenants, run for council seats,  hold each other accountable to a system they've had a hand in creating. 


Erin Steele (she/her) is a passionate and dedicated educator, mentor, and youth advocate with experience in public schools, homeschool cooperatives, nonprofits, and extracurricular youth programming. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Spanish and has taught Spanish in public school and homeschool co-ops, and in 2021, she co-founded Firefly Homeschool Community.

Erin was a collegiate soccer player and has coached at the competitive club and high school levels. She spent several years both volunteering and on staff with the youth program Young Life, and in another life, worked as s a birth doula and childbirth educator.

Erin is currently participating in the New School Models Design Lab from the Institute for Self-Directed Learning, an online learning community that enables teachers, administrators, and school leaders to deploy research-based practices for self-directed learning in their context. See for more information!

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