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The Learner's Collective

an academic homeschool hybrid program changing the way families approach schooling.

Art Class

How We're Different...

- Intentionally diverse.

- Mastery instead of memorization.

- Socratic guiding instead of lectures.

- Portfolios and presentations instead of grades.

- Mixed-age classrooms.

- Governed by contracts and councils voted on and formed by the learners.


With the right support and motivation, students thrive when they can direct their own learning.

Socratic Guiding

We believe in a shared dialogue between adults and learners. Guides provide the resources, structure, and scaffolding needed to nurture life-long, self-directed learners. 

Project-based Learning

Collaboration, communication, and community building while finding solutions to real-world problems.

e-Learning for Core Competencies

Allows for personalized pathways to rigorous and relevant learning. 

Why change the way we
approach school?

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